- demo screenshots

WARNING This software and website is just a snapshot of some research prototoypes.
There is not much useful code here yet, and the organization is driven by experimental concerns.
Proceed at your own risk, for here be dragons.
Update 2021-09-30 Our demo/test launcher main progs are now listed in our github README

Some Gross Screenshots generates composed UIs using HTML data-viz components like those shown here.
Axmgc GUI provides interactive playground / lab for investigation, supported in impl by browsable ontos and apis.
This example uses Vega-lite, Vue, MathJax, Fancytree and AG Grid to produce
AxioMagic Demo = interactive math GUI with trees, grids, eqns.
These images show preliminary examples of a few GUI widgets. Hovering over an image will enlarge it (in a rather jarring and unresponsive way, sorry!).
(above) axiomagic nav-ui screen elements
(below) axiomagic service Scala code in IntelliJ IDE
output example with scatterplots and some equations

Barebones Explanation

From input source model and user choices, we logically derive 0+ of each artifact type:
  • explanation (txt)
  • diagram (svg)
  • in-math (expressions, equations, functions)
  • in-code (types, rules, functions)
  • in-param (numbers, choices, flags)
  • in-bulk-data (nominals, numbers, text)
Then we functionally produce outputs below, based on input artifacts above:
  • out-math
  • out-bulk-data
  • out-plot (JSON -> Vega, d3,, other)
  • out-log