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Math Topics

  1. pragmatism, logic, and categories
  2. programs, types and proofs
  3. distributed state machines
  4. probability monads
  5. example: physics formalization
  6. example: finance formalization

Background Sources

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pragmatism, logic, and categories

programs, types and proofs

distributed state machines

  • Physically, digital states may be thought of as structures containing unsigned integers

probability monads

physics formalization approach

Builds on category theory and math formalization resources.
User models knit together background definition sources like Wikipedia, nLab, Lean/Agda libs in interactive knowledge views

financial formalization approach

  • FIBO is a rich set of open vocabularies for financial transactions alignment, available in RDF + URI form.
  • User calculations using URI-resolved input data may have URI-aligned meanings in results.
  • Distributions of asset returns are expressable as composed monads over aligned models and datasets.
  • User finds/uses/makes proofs about these distributions.